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Press Release Tekla Structures

Software and steel CNC machine companies' joint effort brings a new dimension to planning and controlling steel fabrication using a 3D model. A new interface between Tekla Structures and WinSER software allows centralizing steel shop floor status data in the 3D building information model for more efficient visualization, tracking, and communication.

Steel Projects, a French company specialized in integrated steel fabrication systems has developed an interface between Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, their WinSTEEL and WinSER PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software, and Ficep's steel fabrication machinery. The new interface supports the overall BIM workflow and is another example of the possibilities provided by the Tekla Open API(TM) application programming interface.

Since the management of project related information is very challenging, the functionality to manage and track project status by simulating schedules and tasks in the 3D model was originally added to Tekla Structures to benefit construction site management. This new interface allows adding the 'fourth dimension', time, to the 3D model for steel fabrication, too.

All steel processing information for a project can be taken from the Tekla model, imported into the WinSTEEL software for the management and routing of steel parts to Ficep machinery, and then imported back to Tekla Structures software from WinSER for the visualization and tracking of assemblies' fabrication status in 3D. All fabrication data is exchanged between the software in XML format. The visualization in Tekla Structures includes illustrative coloring for different stages of fabrication, and the color-coded model is easy to review and share between the project team over the Internet using a free Tekla Structures Model Reviewer application. The interface works from Tekla Structures version 15.0 and WinSER version 6.5 onwards.

"Scribing automation was our previous successful joint effort with Steel Projects and Ficep," says Saku Järvinen, Marketing Manager of the Steel Segment at Tekla Corporation. "With this new interface we provide yet another extremely efficient tool for steel fabricators. The data previously only available in numbers can now be simulated to a very visual form and communicated to anyone that has an Internet connection."

"In addition to the many benefits that the new interface provides, we have improved the project communication of the drawing office and the fabricator," says Didier Bonnet, Manager at Steel Projects. "Our customers can now easily and in real time see how their production is proceeding and match that information with the design and erection schedules."

The new tool for managing steel fabrication status data will be presented with Ficep at the EMO exhibition ( in Milan, Italy, from 5 to 10 October 2009.

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Tekla's model-based software products make customers' core processes more effective in building and construction and infrastructure management. Tekla Corporation has area offices and partner organizations worldwide. International operations account for more than 80% of net sales. Founded in 1966, Tekla is one of the longest operating software companies in Finland. Tekla's technology creates new opportunities for the construction industry: Tekla Structures, the most advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) software on the market, provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment that can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers. The highly detailed as-built structural models created in Tekla Structures enable the highest level of constructability and production control. Centralizing model and non-model based data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery. This translates into increased productivity, elimination of waste, and an enhanced value for structural modeling. More information at

Steel Projects

Since 1985, France-based Steel Projects has evolved from developing and supplying basic machine automation to producing sophisticated Management Information and CNC machine technology for the steel construction and fabrication industries. Over the years the company has established strong customer relationships in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. Steel Projects' products include WinSTEEL, WinBAR, WinCN, WinNEST, and WinSER software that integrate with most universal systems. More information at


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Located in Varese, Italy, Ficep S.p.a is the world leader in machinery for the steel building industry, making advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for the structural steel fabrication industry and other machines for the forging industry. In these two market niches, the company is one of the few manufacturers in the world producing a complete and innovative range of products. More information at